Không-amiăng cao su gasket

Không-amiăng cao su gasket

Màng sợi tổng hợp cắt từ tấm cao su tổng hợp. Thích hợp để sử dụng làm dầu-Môi trường chống mối nối cho lắp đặt nhiệt và niêm phong động cơ

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Asbestos Free Rubber Gasket

Style KXT2000 Aramid Fiber with NBR Binder Asbetso Free Rubber Gasket

Non-asbestos gaskets come in a variety of basic materials comprised of carbon, graphite, fiberglass, aramid fiber, Kevlar and

other mineral fibers. The basic components of the non-asbestos materials used in gasket construction are elastomer and filler.

Add special adhesives and a little packing into it, then roll and sulfurated. The elastomer composition corresponds to the

application of the gasket, assisting in the categorization and selection of the gasket best used for the service it will be performing.

It is a replacement of asbestos gasket.


Non-asbestos Gasket has better strength, elasticity. It has supper strong anti-penetrate performance. Non-asbestos Gasket is a

better choice than asbestos gasket in high temperature and high pressure condition. And Non-asbestos Gasket is product using

material with environment protection



Harmless to human body compare with asbetso rubber gasket

High temperature and pressure resistant

Good resistance to hot oil, fuels

Nice sealability, sealess effect

Excellent bolt torque retention

Harmless to human body

Environment protection

Good tensil strength



Used in pipe flange, Steam

Motorcycle engine

Gerneral chemical

Gasoline, gas

Hot water

Oil, fuel 


Physical Properties




Aramid fiber





Working temperature

300 oC

Tensile strength

10 Mpa





Oil Sealing

10Mpa in 30min

Stress Relaxation


Size Available

1/2'' to 24'' & as request



non asbestos rubber sheet: with plastic paper, and in wooden pallets or cases.

non asbestos rubber gasket: wrapped with plastic film, and in wooden pallets or cases.

pallets cost is lower, and capacity is more






non asbestos rubber gasket: by sea, by train or by air.

non asbestos rubber sheet: by sea or train.